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Keeps me guessing

You create such vivid and effective disturbed characters. Your movies keep me in suspense, because I really have no idea what they might do or say next. I love it.


It's beautiful, and I love it. Thank you for translating this into English, as I had watched it from your site in Korean, but it was more meaningful when I could understand the text. The theme of human drama, whether realised through humans or animal characters, can be a powerful one, and this opening tells that there is plenty of it in your story.

I was expecting more, but...

I read your description before watching it, and it sounded very interesting. From the sound of it you probably showed this in class while explaining the symbolism aloud. I would suggest that you include the symbolism information in the movie itself. They don't stand apart very well. If you put the relevant information as popup information in clickable things, such as the moon, or Hamlet's hand, it would also add some good interactivity to this and make it a better piece. As it is now, I couldn't rate it as high as I would have liked, but my vote did raise its score. I had to give you high marks on style, though.

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Nice and stylish

Nice organisation of the clothing -- made it much more efficient and convenient to work with than the usual big dump of clothing everywhere. I noticed that no matter where you drop the clothing on the left, it returns to its proper layer whenever you swap. Nice touch there. Nice assortment of clothes, and I liked the large choice of colours for the clothes, hair, eyes, and skin as well.

I'm a professional independent animator producing both paid assignments and personal projects.

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