Entry #1

Nice new user page!

2007-08-07 05:08:57 by touched

I'm liking the new design of Newgrounds and these new user pages. I'm working on some new animation, should be up here before too long.


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2008-04-22 22:11:49

good luck =]


2008-06-04 10:41:36

great job


2008-07-10 06:53:48

awesome! posted in august 2007? whens it out!!! :D


2008-07-25 02:02:59

do you going too make new flashs? i hope so^^


2008-08-22 17:56:19

like your art style. got 2 questions for you, in the short with pepper and drink what did drink said just befor the punch line, i didnt got it and can you explain to me the joke itself >_>


2008-09-21 05:08:17

Heh, I didn't know people were leaving comments on this thing. In fact, there has been a new animation since this last post, but it was too large to post on Newgrounds. It can be viewed on the Drowtales web site under the "animation" link (the one for 2008). Working on another, though, and we'll see if it can fit on here.


2010-07-22 18:23:08

hey I like you flash but why no do more


2010-12-05 20:59:51

dude are you even coming onto newgrounds anymore


2011-02-20 10:58:19

dude, all of your stuff is awesome, but look at the year! FRIKIN 2011! do something new! i mean no offence but your stuff is starting to get old.